Nilgiri Mountain Railway also known as toy train of the here are one of the major attractions. This is the popularity of the train that it has been declared as UNESCO world heritage site. Started in the year 1899, it has continued to charm its visitors over the past many years winding its way through the best of nature. The toy train cover a distance of 46km in a span of 5 hours and with that also in the journey you can see some of the amazing view of the place, the mountains and also with that the lush green beauty of the nature which is nothing less than a dream to watch.

It lies at a distance of approximately 2 km from Ooty city in the green hills of the Nilgiris district. The stunning lake is spread over an area of 65 acres, and its foundation was laid down by John Sullivan who was the collector of Coimbatore in 1824. Ooty lake is one of the places which one should must visit because the place is filled with the natural beauty of the place and also with that you can see some of the most amazing things. There are stuffs which you can do taking a boat ride in the lake and also with that the place is very nice for a day outing or for picnic with family or friends.

Nature lovers can visit the rise garden and get to know and learn about so many different types of flowers which are present in the rose garden. Is someone is studying botany then this si one of the best place to enrich your knowledge and you can get to know so many new things and new kinds of flowers . You are bound to feel like you have entered a different world as you stroll leisurely across the beautifully landscaped garden. Ooty Botanical Gardens lie on the lower slopes of the Doddabetta peak, the Government Botanical Garden is a splendid garden in Udhagamandalam, near Coimbatore in the state of Tamil Nadu.

Sprawled over an area of 22 hectares, the garden is divided into several sections that are trimmed beautifully to present an endearing sight. Visitors are greeted with astounding colourful natural beauty from the moment they pass through the gates. For more than 160 years, foreign and local travellers have visited the lush green lawns of the garden, admiring the stunning variety of flowers, ferns, and orchids present here. Another highlight of the Botanical Garden is the Toda hill, known as the Toda mund, which gives the visitors an insight into the lives and culture of Todas (a tribe of the Nilgiris

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