Liverpool is located in the northeast of Perry County, Pennsylvania. Unless, like other places; Liverpool has variety of things to do for. One can travel in the city for amazing experiences and some fun activities to do.  Liverpool was settled in the 1808.The bright summer mornings and the Tranquile nights, both these features contrast the Liverpool city. Apart from that there are so many attractions in the Liverpool that can be good to go and have a look or spend some time, enjoying the beauty of Liverpool. Aline Covered Bridge- The Bridge has a round table in between to sit and relax and kind of a place for picnic spot. This is the main attraction of the bridge that unless like other is covered and seems out to be different from types of bridges.

The place serves beauty of nature with a place to enjoy. Arm Strong Valley Vineyards and Winery- there is basically two parts of this place. In the first one you can find summer kitchen, and Ice house and many other buildings. And another half of this place is the vineyard. The place serves you with dry reds and whites, sweet reds and other so many varieties of fruit wines. We also have an event centre in the barn. Green wood access- At Green wood access the main attraction is the river. One can visit to do fishing and trail in the river, Or sit alongside the river to have an amazing scenic look of the river and green woods.

The place serves the beauty of the flowing river with the greenery and tress on the banks of the river. A good place to sit and have some quality time.  Lake Tobias Wildlife Park- The main attraction of this place is the Safari Tours. You can see different species of wild life and exotic animals over here. Once you come here you can find many attracting things and the most amazing part is that you can feed the animals, who are not less excited then you meet each and every one. You can visit to see reptiles and many other buildings that are the life of this place.


Hershey’s Chocolate World-The first main attraction here is  the “Create Your Own Candy Bar”, located on the right, as soon as you enter Chocolate World. The most interesting and the fun part that excites everyone is that the ride which takes you along with the process of chocolate making and each and every candy is created. With time there has been many updates in the ride. And the best part is, the ride is free of cost. So, you can visit and enjoy the chocolate world.

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