We all know that Hampi is a magnificent place for exploring. Every tourist who comes here should visit the important sites, mainly the ruins in Hampi. The place has the most amazing sites to see. But, apart from sightseeing, what else can be done? How can you truly make the most of your trip and enjoy the place? Well, to know more follow this article, we have put together all the fun and cool ways in which you can enjoy a holiday in Hampi. Here is our guide to the best things to do in Hampi while on a holiday in the city. Take A Coracle Across The Riverside, A good way to enjoy in Hampi is by taking a riverside ride on a boat. These round cane boats are called Coracles and they have been an important means of transportation in Hampi since the 15th century.

A new experience, you can get to the other side of Hampi, where you can just relax for a day. Go On A Cycling Tour, If you don’t like walking, you can rent a cycle and take the trails to most of the ruins in Hampi. Cycles are available for rent on a day-to-day basis. You will have to pay a fee, negotiate with the cycle rental company before you hire a cycle. Some operators organize cycle trails in Hampi, it is the best way to explore the city as you not only get to know about the best places in Hampi, but you can also enjoy some physical activity as you cycle your way through scenic spots. Stay On A Rice Field, A good way to enjoy a break after touring Hampi is staying at one of the many cottages that overlook rice fields. Most of these cottages offer good rooms that have all the basic facilities.

Watching the sunset from these cottages is a magical experience. It is best to only spend a day here as there is not much you can do apart from watching the sunset and walking through the fields. Bear Watching,  If you are a wildlife enthusiast, head to the Daroji Sloth Bear Sanctuary to do a bit of bear watching. You can book a safari at the sanctuary and learn a little bit about the species via a guided tour. Photography is allowed here but you are advised to keep distance from the bears.


There are special zones inside the sanctuary with watch towers from where you can see bears, too.  Visit Temples, A must-do activity in Hampi is visiting the temples. Most were built during the 15th century and now lie in ruins. The Vittala Temple is the best one to see. You can also visit the stunning Krishna Temple in Hampi. The Hampi Bazaar too has some nice old temples to see. The Royal Enclosure has many sites to see. This is one of the few places in Hampi that has royal and military structures. At this site you can also see citadels of the Vijayanagara capital. The Queen’s Bath and the Lotus Mahal are two important places to see at the Royal Enclosure.

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