Do you also want to feel like a bird and experience the joy of falling, then sky diving is the thing for you, with the rush and the spirit of adventure in your heart. But if you don’t faint easily and dream of zooming through the open sky, adrenaline pumping through your heart then this is the right time to finally try the ultimate experience of skydiving in India. you can explore the green and the lush beauty of India through the skies. Mysore – Karnataka is one of the most amazing and surely the place which will ofeer you the sky diving and the beauty of the nature both at the same time. Is that a bird, a plane, no it’s you!

Deesa – Gujarat, Indulge into the thrill of soaring in the blue sky at this beautiful lakeside city. It is one of the best places to do sky diving and they offer all the three types of jumps. The sports authority of the Gujarat has set up this place for the people to come and enjoy sky diving. Pondicherry – Tamil Nadu, one of the ost beautiful and the amazing towns in the country not just sky diving with that you  witness the rue nature of the beauty. The camps here offer static line and tandem jumps. Aamby Valley – Maharashtra, one of the ost amazing and fun places which you can visit if you want to do sky diving the place offers different types of jumps with the amazing view.

Gaze the stunning landscapes beneath as you freefall in the beautiful valley to enjoy the most thrilling experience of your lifetime. Dhana- Madhya Pradesh is the home for such adventures and one could visit this place to experience what actually sky diving in India is like enjoy the free fall above 4000 ft with the brilliant eye catching view of the hills.  There are different place to do sky diving near Delhi too, but they are small places and the ones which are listed here are one from the different parts of the country and all of them have their qualities which you don’t want to miss.

it would surely be an unforgetable experience. So what are you waiting for? Plan a trip to you favourite Indian destination and indulge in one of the most thrilling and exciting air adventure. Fly like a bird and explore the skies. The breath-taking view of the sky and hills and the mountains are calling you to experience some of the great adventures of the life.

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