Dynamic and cosmopolitan, the city of Coimbatore is predominantly a commercial hub. However, the city does offer tourists with awe-inspiring attractions and plenty of touristy things to do. The city is well connected by roads and rail. Visiting this city is good if you love to spend your time outdoors. The city is buzzing with activity and is blessed with rich history, so there are many touristy things to do in and around Coimbatore. Find amazing attractions to visit on your next holiday in Coimbatore. Monkey Waterfall, Great for trekking, the Monkey Waterfall is surrounded by scenic views and miles of greenery. Visit here if you love nature and the mountains. Monkey Falls is great for romantic walks and trekking. The waterfall is well connected to the highway, so getting here is pretty easy.

It is suitable for families, groups, couples, and adventure seekers. Carry your own or buy water at the entrance gate of the waterfall. Avoid trekking to the waterfall in the monsoon. Singanallur Lake, A popular tourist spot, Singanallur Lake is well known for migratory bird spotting. Each year, hundreds come here to watch birds such as Asian Palm Swifts, Pallas Gull, and Cormorants. If you are a bird lover, the best time to visit the lake is during the winter. Summers, on the other hand, are best for picnics. Do bring a camera along. Siruvani Waterfalls, Trekking to the falls is very tedious and tiring, but if you can manage the climb, it’s worth the effort. A visit to the waterfall isn’t advisable for the elderly, though. Also avoid going to the Siruvani Waterfalls during the monsoons. Amaravathi Dam, The Amravathi Dam is a great place for strolls and romantic walks.

Come here to spot crocodiles at the nearby facility. The grassy section of the dam is ideal for picnics or just lazing around. The best time to visit is during the monsoon. Marudhamalai Temple, The Marudhamalai temple is an excellent exhibit of true Dravidian architecture. A popular temple, hundreds of devotees visit the Marudhamalai daily. On your climb up to the temple using the stairs, you’ll get to see a panoramic view of the valley. Footwear inside the temple isn’t allowed. You’ll have to keep it in your car or hire lockers available at the temple.

Gass Forest Museum, The Gass Forest Museum is a must visit for those who love forestry. Inside the museum, you’ll find many artifacts related to the forest. There are tapestries of animals, planets, and types of wood. The museum conducts guided tours to help visitors understand climate change and ecology. If you are carrying your camera inside the museum, you’ll need to pay a fee over and above the entry fee. GD Naidu Museum, Constructed in honour of GD Naidu, an industrialist from Coimbatore, the GD Naidu . While visiting, don’t forget to see the working replica of the world’s first benzene-powered ICE car. The museum also houses some cool replicas of iconic cars from around the world.

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