While visiting London, people think that there are so much of modern things and activities to do there but apart from that, one should also go and have a look around the history and he rich culture from where the place has emerged. There are so many places of historical attractions in London that are must visit and you will get to know a lot more about history and past stuff about London and its neighbouring places. If you are willing to get over there are witness some of the amazing places first you must need to checkout for the flights and tickets that are available and are also in your budget.

For example if you are taking a flight from Delhi then you should check for Delhi to London flights and to get more cheap and easy flight bookings you can also check for International Flight Booking Offers, there are possibilities that you might get some options on flights through which you can save a lot of money and can use for other purpose. So, some of the must visit historical place in London are listed below. Tower BridgeThe Tower Bridge was built in 1984. It is one of the most iconic Bridges in London. There is also an exhibition inside The Tower Bridge, where you can see and learn about some of the World’s iconic Bridges and how they work. You can also enjoy the view from the Bridge itself. Hampton Court Palace This is the Royal Residence of King Henry.

Come here and indulge yourself in the Royal rooms, kitchens, courts and gardens. You will be amazed to see such beautiful place with extreme historic values. The place has so much to offer to its visitors as you can walk around and discover the place. Mansion House it is the official residence of the Lord Mayor of the London. The mansion was built in 18th century. You can come here and have look at the amazing plates and arts that are in the house. You cannot visit as individual; you have to go in groups to take a tour of the Mansion House. Buckingham Palace Buckingham Palace is the official residence of the Queen. You can take a tour of the amazing 19 rooms that are spectacular in nature. Big rooms and lavishing décor of the place is the main attraction.

You can see some personified arts and effects from the place. The rooms and the whole Buckingham Palace are decorated with the Royal collection of Paintings and many other things.  Kensington Palace As you enter through the staircase, you can experience some amazing lifestyle through the 17th and 18th century. You can also learn about the Queen Victoria’s memories from her childhood by reading and going through the journals. All here are the proof of how Queen Victoria led her life as a child, daughter, mother and a Queen. This is one of the best palaces in London.


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