With the endless sheets of glittering sands forming different shapes across the landscape, the deserts of India deserve a shoutout and should make it onto your Indian visit agenda. The beautiful golden sands of the Spiti and the Ladakh side gives us the enormous view of the sands and the dessert, and one of the famous tourist spots in Rajasthan having the best and the largest dessert is one of the unique to visit. It is called the ‘golden city’ due to its bounteous golden dunes flowing in the Thar Desert. Jaisalmer is full of sands and beautiful jain temples which make the place to be the best yellowish place to see. Climb on to the camel saddle and make your way through this desert or camp under the night sky in this golden land for an unforgettable experience.

This is the place which resembles us to like tortoise and with no doubt, it lays down with the past of the nation. Rann of Kutch is known as the white dessert as it is full of salt dessert and the place is amazing as it serves you with the best views. It is located in the between of the Thar dessert in Bikaner and serves as the heavenly place for the visitors, the city is famous for its sand dunes and views which no other place has around and is the most panoramic view. One can get. Rajasthan is known as the three great dessert place and its very true also, it will show you some of the values and precious things about the era of the Rajputs and also the city has a lot to offer you.

Best known as the “camel country” for breeding some best-known riding camels, Bikaner also happens to house one of the only two models of the biplane used by the British in World War 1. This place is filled with rich culture, heritage and warmt which you can’t experience anywhere else Barmar is India’s fifth largest district and also it is the true representation of Rajasthan the historic town is full of the past cultures and the true side of the Rajasthan and also with that you can get to know a lot about the Thar dessert over here. This place is full of forts and ancient temples which you can get to know about that how the pace is full of such things which are hidden and not yet known by many of us . A visit to Barmer gets more enjoyable than ever if you get to be a part of the Barmer festival which takes place during March.

The small mud houses with the motifs of the city on their walls and people dressed in colourful clothes will give you peak knowledge about the life of Rajasthan . Also, known as the “Gateway to Thar”, it is famous for its Mehrangarh fort, blue houses, temples, sweets and snacks. Apart from that there are multiple temples, forts and strret shopping places which will leave you with the true side of  Rajasthan. Jodhpur allows you to spend your day trekking on the glades of the rocky mountains and get adventurous in this desert in India.

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